Day 6: Aliens from within~ an appreciation of Scifi in Anime

Hey! We’re back for another day of spoopy material for this Otakutober season. This time we decided to extend our blog this year into the world of Scifi in anime.

There have been a number of Scifi related horror all throughout the years of anime. It’s honestly more commonly seen than american style movies. Weird right? Well actually not really haha. Aliens have been used as monsters in Japanese fiction for such a long time that some long time otaku actually expect the big bad to be of ans extraterrestrial origin.

Summer Time Rendering for instance was one of those reveals; where Gargantia was a deep discover in how the world was destroyed only to find out that evolution of the human race was really just another way of looking at the destruction of man. Not to be confused with any of the mecca anime that involve flying around space. Like Darling in the Franxx that was all about a war on an alien species as well as experimentation with human and alien genetics to create the most capable pilot.

I like to think that these concepts allowed creators to get even more crafty with how they introduced plot twists and back stories that were more difficult to predict. But deep down the roots of most of these stories were about “fitting in” or “blending in” if you will. It was a concept that became incredibly relatable to its audience which led to a lot of success in the genre.

Anyways I’ll stop there before I get too carried away with my appreciation of this subgenre. Hope you enjoyed it! And don’t forget to join us for more days of Otakutober!




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