Day 5: Dressed to Distress – Anime Characters and their Halloween Costumes

Hello and welcome back to 13 Days of Otakutober! First off, yes we are still in a different time zone, and secondly we need a bit of breather for today’s content so you know what I’m going to be doing for today’s post? Sharing some of my favorite Halloween splash art from different anime. No true explanation on why needed—I just love seeing anime characters wearing Halloween costumes. It’s fun for me for some reason, and it also helps me predict weeb Halloween costumes, because honestly some people just be their favorite characters dressing up. Hilarious to me. Anyway, here’s a few of my favorites.

My Hero Academia ladies — girls get it done!!
How to Keep a Mummy prepped for the holidays
Our Ouran kings ready to suck your blood
…Ciel and the black Butler cast…yup
Sakura and Syaoran being the cutest witch and werewolf ever
Our queen Eiko in her oni costume bringing it home in Ya Boy Kongming!

Stay weebtastic,




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