First Impressions: Princess of the Bibliophile- Wow this gur reads a lot

So within the first 4 episodes I felt the plot finish… But somehow there’s more?

Watch the trailer

Let me start by saying the story is about a bookworm who is the daughter of a duke who catches the eye of a Prince then he proposes to her. Somehow she’s so enthralled in the books that she doesn’t realize that he has loved her since the moment they met. (That’s a good 10 years fam.) And not only is he a complete package in terms of a match and eligible bachelor, she has the personality of a plank of wood (minus Plank of course he had a big personality). She’s oblivious and naive, completely displacement of his feelings. I can’t.

The prince has a gang and they all have pretty generic princely names. I do appreciate them though. (Especially the bard.) Honestly, I hope they help her grow a personality. I will say, all roasting aside, I think we’re starting to see more motivation from her. Being a Prince’s fiancee is no joke and I’m glad she’s at least understanding that. When she was a child she had a much stronger opinion of things.

Art-wise, it’s a good call back to its manga origins. As bi-shonen as it seems the style reflects the glassy, sparkly original. The outfits are intense, like I would assume from the manga and the colors are bright and soft.

As for music, the opening is subpar but the ending has no business being that good haha.

And that’s it for me folx!




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