First Impressions: I’m the Villainess so I’m taming the Final Boss

Hello and welcome back to Otaku Thursday! You’ve probably been wondering where we’ve disappeared to for an entire week, and the answer is: con crunch–and con. That’s right, we just attended our annual Kumoricon and spent the week leading up to it slaving over cosplay from 8am in the morning until nearly 3am every day. But the good news is that our cosplays looked GREAT and now we’re back to our regularly (or at this point, irregularly) scheduled blogs. While we’re still behind on this season’s anime, we have definitely been working through them slowly. And out of everything new we’ve watched so far, my favorite has definitely been I’m the Villainess so I’m taming the Final Boss.

Now, I want to start off by saying YES this is technically an isekai. A girl gets reincarnated into her favorite otome game but instead of taking on the role of the heroine, she ends up filling in the role of the villainess who dies at the end of the game. In order to save herself from such a grisly fate in game, and seeing as this is now her second and possibly last chance at life, she decides she will do anything to avoid her fate–which means her number one goal is to get the main villain of the game to fall in love with her. The logic is that if she can get him to fall for her, he won’t accidentally kill her towards the end. I’m not gonna lie, that’s a fun premise if I do say so myself.

The first few episodes we see her being shockingly resilient about her pursuit of our dark prince who–may I just say–is WAY better than the so-called protagonist of the game. My man has the looks, the power, the innocence, and all those gentlemanly qualities you want in a man. It makes me wonder how in the world he became the villain but then it makes sense since he’s the demon lord and half-brother to the protagonist/prince. Still, sign me up for the demon realm because homegirl isn’t even compromising by pursuing him–she’s straight up getting the better deal. The prince is presented as actually extremely obnoxious and actually pretty sexist–even when homegirl stops showing interest in him, he refuses to believe it and still believes she is his ‘property’ as his ex-fiance. Meanwhile his brother swoops in to save and defend our girl at every time. Though at first he doesn’t trust her intentions are pure, he still values her and sees her as a person rather than someone who can be claimed. A+ husband material.

As for our main character and homegirl…she is entertaining alright–even if she isn’t perfect. She’s very hard-headed and strong-willed–probably has to do with the fact that she died and this is her second chance at life. But she’s also very…I guess to say it nicely–not exactly socially aware or nice? I guess what I mean by that is, why did she think it was a good idea to barge up to the demon king in episode one and straight up ask him to marry her? Like, this man has no idea who you are. Has never met you. Knows nothing about you…and that’s the first thing you say? I am shocked he didn’t run for the hills, but I guess that’s what makes our main character quirky.

The other characters…are hit-or-miss. I feel like they tried really hard to make the demon’s likable–because I do enjoy them even if they fall a little flat (minus the demon lord) and every other character is just bad. Like, the prince is unlikeable, the heroine of the otome game is bland and annoying, no one really leaves an impression on me other than homegirl and the demon lord. Again, I guess that makes sense since the story is supposed to be about them–but I sincerely hope we get some more characterization/likeable characters soon

As for the story overall…is it just me or did it feel like the plot wrapped up in 4 episodes? Here I was thinking that the season was going to be about homegirl trying to save her life from this instigating incident in which her character dies–I thought we would spend ALL season working up to it. But no, that moment comes in episode four and she survives so…where are we going? Is this going to be the tale of how she and the demon lord fall fully in love? Will she need to constantly fight to keep her life? I’m curious to see where it’s going and I’m having a good time with this anime so I don’t mind too much.

So would I recommend this to someone? Yes actually. I would 100% recommend this as a nice break from other kinds of isekai. Not to say that this is groundbreaking at all, but it certainly feels refreshing amidst other isekai–whether it be being a villainess who is ruining the plot by getting involved, being reincarnated as the MC, or more. This is also refreshing to watch as a romance–definitely one of my favorite’s this season so far. So, if you have the time, I would recommend checking out I’m the Villainess so I’m taming the Final Boss!

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