Thanksgiving Special – Best Anime Families of 2022

Hello and welcome back to Otaku Thursday! And more importantly, welcome back to our annual Thanksgiving special. Now, while we’re both not exactly down with celebrating a day that celebrates conquerors, we do enjoy spending time with our families–both chosen and blood. Which is why we’re essentially saying screw turkey and feasts, let’s talk about what really matters: family. And more importantly–some of the best found family dynamics from 2022 anime.

Tokyo 24th Ward

Shuta, Ran, and Kouki all have who they own deem their families. For some, like Kouki and Shuta, those families are blood related. Ran, on the other hand, has found family. But the dynamic I like the most is their shared dynamic. To each other, they aren’t just friends–they are found family. They have their disagreements and different ideals, but at the end of the day they too are family for each other–and that’s really beautiful in my opinion.

Saiyuki Reload: Zeroin

This is, without a doubt, one of the best all-male found family groups I have ever seen in anime. The quartet are truly that for each other–family. They care for one another, protect each other, are there for each other. Goyjo is like a dad, Hakkai is like the gentle and caring mum. Goku is obviously is like the child, and Sanzo the cool and aloof uncle. Together, this group just works so well. I was pretty new to Saiyuki when watching this, but now I am so eager to catch up on it all.

Spy x Family

I think everything can agree with me when I say this is another found family that came together as real family. While Twilight just found Anya and Yor as part of his mission, we all know that the three of them, while still keeping secrets, have become a true family. Both Yor and Twilight really care about Anya, and it’s clear that their feelings for each other are steadily growing. We know that because Anya is right there with her mind-reading abilities cheering for it. While maybe they believe their family life to be fake, we know it’s all real and one of the best out there.


If there’s one thing I’m a sucker for, it’s little girl finds new family. That is what we have here. Itsuka, who is trying her best to be obedient and independent, was left by her parents for over a year. In that time she was sort of adopted into the Irino family who runs a bakery. When our MC Nagomu comes back, he has to try his best to get along with her. Over the course of the story, he moves into this brotherly/parental-like role–after all, he shares quite a few qualities with Itsuka’s father. While it is sad to think that Itsuka’s parents left over, seeing Nagomu become this father-like figure to her is so heartwarming.

Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting

So many found and real family dynamics here. Yakuza family stories are so heartwarming in my opinion. Which is so weird to say, but it’s proved again here. On one level, we have Yaeka who has a real mom and dad. While her mom is comatose, her father cares for her deeply but as a yakuza boss doesn’t always have time to protect her. Hence he has Kirishima, one of his lackeys, begin to care for Yaeka. This is where that found family vibe comes in. Yaeka is literally being raised by this yakuza gang who treats her like a princess–the best brother and uncle figures she could have. But even deeper than that, we get how the other gang members entered the yakuza and how they became family for each other too. It’s just–so beautiful.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing today, I hope you all just take a moment to appreciate your family in whatever capacity that words means to you. Until next time,

stay weebtastic,




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