First impressions: Play it cool, guys- Sooooo embarrassing

I, Star, will start by saying that everyone I’ve of us know one of the main characters in this anime. If you think you don’t, then you are one of the boys in this anime.

Watch the trailer!

So this anime is a simple anthology. About normal dudes with normal lives who consistently make their lives awkward and difficult by their lack of social-emotional awareness but in a way that is so dumb it’s cute. You can’t be mad, just disappointed haha.

There’s a business man who’s tired all the time and forgets things, a smart guy who doesn’t get social cues, a high school student who is chivalrous but absentminded, and a college student who has no sense of direction and thinks everything is funny.

The artwork is very simple and soft colored making the boys pretty attractive. But the true brilliance is the marketing. Each boy has their own color and bear so the merch for this will be incredibly sellable.

The music is also catchy and you get a pretty good grasp of the anime from the opening alone. While the ending is a banger.

In other words, it’s a cringy experience but in a cute kind of way.



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