Day 3: Get In Witches, We Goin’ Shopping! Top 5 Witches

Remember how I told you we’re in a different time zone and posts would go up at weird times? Yup…thanks for hanging in with us though as we continue on with Day 3 of 13 Days of Otakutober! Yesterday we brought a list of some of the best Werewolves out there but today we’re going to list out some of our favorite witches, because who doesn’t love magic and spells? I know I do.


I mean, how can I make a list of witches and NOT mention Kiki? I’m pretty sure anyone who watched this as a child immediately wanted to be a witch as well, Gigi and broom included.


Now, I’m sure you’re wondering why Yuuko is on this list but guess what? She’s a self proclaimed witch who works in wishes. This absolute queen uses magic and magical items to help people, sometimes in the most indirect ways. I think I can say both Star and I absolutely love her.


Man I loved this anime more than I thought. I really enjoyed the world of witches created and how they just go around helping people. The Ashen Witch earned her name well and helped a lot of people and places, learning the darkness of the world.


A throwback from the olden days. Anyone else remember Marchen Awakens Romance? (MaR). I remember Dorothy distinctly for her pink hair and broomstick flying. She was your typical witch.


Just for kicks here’s is Louise from Zero no Tsukaima! An early 2000s gem and another pink haired queen. She is a rather protective sort of character with some authority issues but very funny regardless.

And there you are! There will be more to come as Otakutober continues!



Star & Luna


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