Star’s Experience in Shonen: Demon Slayer

Hey everyone, it’s me, yo gur, Star and I recently watched casually all of Demon Slayer. INCLUDING the movie Mugen Train. I’m going to be real with you all, I only watched it because I wasn’t sure if some friends were joking about all of us cosplaying characters so I wanted to be prepared and briefed on which ever character I was stuck with. Without further ado, here’s my thoughts.

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You know, there comes a point where you watch enough of any one thing and you know when to pay attention. That’s me. RIGHT NOW. About this anime. Only because I have seen enough Shonen to guess the plot progression of this show. Also when there is too much hype and the manga ends, I am more willing to wait for an anime end then watch it when I know it won’t finish. Luckily, Demon Slayer has enough fans to probably continue to the end. BUT since I was spoiled on the end of the manga I do hope the ending changes… I said HOPE. Because I doubt it will.

I don’t understand why the creators keep adding scenes. No one knows if that content was already animated and was just cut from the original show, regardless I don’t see why that’s necessary. Just leave it alone haha. Okay, so now I need to address the die-hards. I DO understand the die-hards when this is the first Shonen they have encountered and appreciated. Because it follows the Shonen tropes to a T but in an artistic way that may seem amazing to the untrained eye. Don’t get me wrong, I like the art style because I get what they are referencing (I’ve been playing Hanafuda since I was 6 years old).

Kamado Siblings Demon Slayer Towel

So did I enjoy it? Sure. It was like a walk down Shonen memory lane. With all the calling out of every the attack, the defeating the villains (which are pretty cool and gross looking) one by one, building a team made of misfits in a world of misfits so I guess that’s just normal? (What I’m saying is, everyone is special because of course they are it’s a Shonen.) I did find it cute and touching at times, but the best ones are. (You know I’m a fan for a good sibling duo… Just don’t look at any questionable fan art. Tanjiro loves Nezuko, maybe a little too much?) I also found myself laughing out loud, sometimes for the right purposes and sometimes inappropriately. What I probably spent too much time doing is trying to understand the ranking and power of the slayers themselves. Also why Tanjiro has an incredible sense of smell. Where did that come from? (Drop what you think in the comments.)

The Demon Slayer movie is getting an English-subtitled release

The biggest take-away from the movie for me was, why did that arc have to be a movie? My uneducated answer is because they just really like that flame dude. He must have been the favorite. Think about it, he got a WHOLE movie to himself. All 120 minutes. And honestly speaking, he is truly a master level cosplay. Those eyebrows are INTENSE.

I also agree with Luna, Nezuko is best girl and the music is a bop.


I don’t understand why people like the butterfly pillar she’s shady af.




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