April Fufufu’s Day Event-Parody or Wonderment? Anime that seems to be making fun of something

Heeeeeey everyone. This blog hurts me as much as it hurts you believe me haha. This is about anime that seem to be an inside joke with the creators in some way. As in, they knew what they were doing and they definitely were trying to push the line on how ridiculous it can be. -cough Trolls cough-.

April Fufufu's Day

Shattered Angels

This short series is a play on shoujo fantasy tropes. Strange shower montage cut scenes, a knight on a Pegasus, an ageless all knowing child, and a helpless outcast as your protagonist. Honestly, it’s hard to take this series seriously. In fact, no one should take this seriously.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Every season is based after an older shonen tropes. How do you explain Jojo to an alien? Because that is what I’m being asked to do here. You just have to watch it for yourself. How did they get away with copyright protection? The world may never know.


Although Hetalia is a comedy it actually is a parody about history. World War 2 to be exact. The personified countries are tropes in themselves. Their attitudes resonant with the feelings that their citizens had at that time. (With a Japanese lens of course, even though the main character is Italy.)

I’m standing on a million lives

This is a hilarious take on Isekai anime and MMORPG gamers. It uses game humor the right way and makes jokes only gamers would understand. Especially when there is one experienced player amongst a bunch of noobs.

Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!

It has everything a magical girl anime has to offer but is men. They question everything they do at the same time we do. Talk about characters really finding their inner magical persona in the most animu way possible. Even with an anime companion.

For seasoned anime watchers any one of these is a treat for the genre. Not to mention the directing and animation styles that are enjoyable. But just know that the plots will have some crack energy feels to it. Enjoy at your leisure.




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