5th Day of Weebsmas: Revisiting R.o.D the TV series

On the 5th day of Weebsmas the ghost of Weebsmas past brings us a time to revisit R.o.D. aka Read or Die. Let’s go!

So I, Star, love Read or Die the TV series. I first watched it as a preteen and I felt it spoke to me on a spiritual level. (I’m not exactly sure why.) But I wanted to share my love for this Charlie’s Angels gone supernatural anime. (Maybe that’s why I liked it… LOL) Anyways I bought all the DVDs and figured I share the love with Luna so we watched part of it together.

Best R O D GIFs | Gfycat
R.O.D. the TV - The Paper Sisters - IGN

One thing I realized as an adult that knows basic Japanese is the jokes that were obviously more funny in Japanese. Translated to English the “Nenene” not “Nununu” hiragana joke. The English class in Japan thing where the Japanese students are learning English but since it’s dub the English class is in English in Japan. It sounds confusing but if you watch it you’ll see what I mean. But with all that being said, I love the Dub. I think they did a phonominal job. (Maybe I’m bias but I still love it.)

Read or Die TV | YuriReviews and More

We got through half of the series but the main reason we decided to revisit it in this season of Weebsmas was because I forgot a very interesting facet about the main characters in the show. That they all became a family on Christmas Eve. Cute right?! I remembered that they were not related to one another and that they met on a mission but I forgot that the holiday was their secret connection. And what better way to reminisce.

The Paper Sisters: Maggie, Anita and Michelle, from R.O.D The TV | Anime,  Japanese animation, Anime fandom

I also enjoyed seeing all of my favorite characters again. Which were great symbols of women empowerment, gender non-conforming designs and some deeply rooted GL. But of course, you can’t have Charlie’s Angels without some Ecchi. Which child me completely ignored. (But I mean I was also watching Full Metal Panic! And that’s a little Ecchi too. It was honestly hard to avoid back then.) With that being said, the plot is a little predictable in the beginning but it’s about the message of the piece that makes this anime so beautiful. That you can choose the family you want and that sometimes an empty space in a heart or life can be filled by taking chances.

Anyways, this has been a pretty spoil free revisit. I honestly would recommend watching it if it’s your cup of tea. Stay tuned for more Weebsmas 2020!




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