Star’s experience in Shonen– Yu Yu Hakusho

If only child me saw this… In fact, if I did I think I would have been so much sassier. So I am watching Yu Yu for the first time in my twenties with a bunch of weebs over discord. What an experience.

The beginning had me really shook. The protagonist just died and the series just started haha! For a competition anime this was not what I expected. I found myself laughing, roasting, and crying. There was so much perseverance and friendship that drove the story. And just for everyone’s information, it actually has an ending. I cried. I didn’t want to let it go after 112 eps and 4 seasons long. But honestly, this was my kind of shonen.

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And his future (let’s be real) present girlfriend is such strong willed person I was so impressed. Then here comes the rival/best friend, our guardian angel, everyone’s older sister, dad 1, dad 2, grandma, and baby-uncle jr.

It’s hard to narrow down my favorite character because I love all of them. They each have attributes to admire, I even loved some of the antagonists (no spoilers). But what surprised me the most was how accepting it was of love of all kinds and gender non-conformity. Which is rare to see in that era of Shonen. Saiyuki is another shonen I love from that era but it’s definitely got a different kind of feel to it. Even thought, both are filled with action, comedy, and folklore they spoke to different audiences.

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Since watching Yu Yu we were definitely inspired to mention it in a few other blogs just to give it the proper recognition it deserves. Truly a fun ride! It’s great to watch with your friends and family. Preferably 13 and older unless that child is already sassy lol.




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