Family-Friendly Anime– For you weeby parentals

To bring in this cozy autumn season, I will be introducing some family-friendly anime to watch with a group of various ages. Typically, the genres to stick to would be slice of life, action, adventure, fantasy. It feels that need of wonder and magic but in two solely separate ways. They often leave you on the edge of your seat and warms your heart.

This is a rather safe category. Because it’s generally written for various ages and it’s not that much of a time commitment. But there are some in this category that should be mentioned.

List of Movies of Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli

For those of you that know, we often forget that this series of movies is a great introduction to the world of anime. For those of you that don’t know, each movie has its own tone that it caters to most people everywhere.

The House That Hosoda Built: An Interview with Studio Chizu - A-to-J  Connections

Studio Chizu

My #1 recommended studio! It often brings the feels and gets nominated for awards internationally. If you’ve seen the first Digimon movie you’ve seen their work. Pick any movie to warm your heart and bond over copious amounts of tears together.

More obscure

Origin - Spirits of the past - Anime for Girls
Tekkonkinkreet - movie: watch stream online

Both are really good, both are really weird, with completely different but very important underlining messages and definitely worth a watch through to start engaging conversation.

Moving on to shows. This is in the case that you have more time on your hands. Here’s something the whole family will enjoy.

Princess Tutu (TV) - Anime News Network

It’s child friendly with a deep theme because it’s Swan lake. As girly as it may seem, it has a haunting undertone that is slowly revealed by a sort of Storyteller.

Cardcaptor Sakura - QooApp

Cardcaptor Sakura

A nice beginner’s journey into the universe of CLAMP. It’s a playful sort of magical girl show with representation of different kinds of love. It’s almost a slice of life drama if it wasn’t for those pesky magical cards getting in the way.

Watch Inuyasha Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

This is an adventure that’s cute and quirky but it gets the whole room involved in the drama and the world. It’s strangely captivating and the music is boppin. It’s also a great introduction to japanese folklore through a modern lens.

Yu Yu Hakusho {Characters} | Wiki | Anime Amino

You are watching for the comradery, this is a story about how a boy creates a family that he chooses. It’s a story about perseverance and owning up to responsibilities.

My Hero Academia – Broadcast Dub Trailer/Preview | | Bubbleblabber

My Hero Academia

It’s funny and empowering to a lot of it’s audience. It breathes confidence into the watchers if we like it or not. It’s truly the new-age underdog story that really drives the lesson of self-sacrifice. Although it can be too reckless at times, it’s got a large cast that most people can relate to someone.

More obscure

Azumanga Daioh - Sentai Filmworks
So KAWAII: Why Everyone Should Watch Polar Bear's Cafe - The Geekiary
Aggretsuko | Netflix Official Site
School Rumble: Weeding out the RomComs - Black Nerd Problems

Some of these are starring animals, some of these are funny, most are heart warming and dramatic for all age groups and all the right reasons. These stories of high school and the working life introduce a cute, funny, wild, disposition on life. What more could you ask for. From a feel good show.

That’s all I have folks! I hope these suggestions satisfy households everywhere.




7 thoughts on “Family-Friendly Anime– For you weeby parentals

      1. Yeah that makes sense. I have friends from both sides who are die hards for both. One Piece episodes are pretty short and Digimon has a lot more meaningful plot. (Not to say One piece isn’t meaningful but it’s a lot easier to digest or even miss chunks.) With Digimon, I, Star, would like the time to revist and rewatch it because I often missed chunks of the series as a kid. And I think it didn’t hit as deep for me because of that reason. (Which is why I didn’t include either in the post. Those two are harder for me as a singluar person to judge.)

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