First Impressions: Noblesse Anime

Hello and welcome back to–wait not welcome back, but welcome to Otaku Tuesday! We might’ve missed last Thursday but have no fear for we have two pseudo first impressions coming your way this week! So today, let’s dive right into it so I can talk about my impression of the first episode of none other than Noblesse.

Oh boy. Another webtoon anime. That was my initial thought when I first saw this was a webtoon. I had tried watching Tower of God, and while it proved to redeem itself in the end, it was very clearly just a set up for something more. It definitely felt like a webtoon anime, and it certainly could’ve had more depth to it. I then attempted God of High School, another anime based off of a webtoon. That time I couldn’t even bring myself to finish the show. It wasn’t that it was bad…but it actually kind of reminded me of ToG because it too was a fighting tournament esque anime. It was after I watched both of these that I realized they…kind of reminded me of each other in structure. I don’t think either were necessarily bad, I just thought they weren’t what I was expecting. So when I saw Noblesse I was afraid–afraid it too would be a fighting tournament style anime as well. I think I’m wrong.

Yusuke Massacres the Bullies! | Noblesse - YouTube

Admittedly, after watching only one episode of Noblesse, I can wholeheartedly say I have NO idea where it’s going plot wise. But y’know…I kind of don’t mind. It usually takes at least 4-5 episodes before the story really gets established and I think right now it’s on a good track. What we do have at episode one is that it’s definitely intriguing enough to keep watching. Why? Because I am totally fucking biased. I see pretty boys. I click. I appreciate. It’s as simple as that (rather–I’m as simple as that). Raziel and Frankenstein are excellent beings. Truly. M-21 is also wonderful. They all are definitely more than just students. I don’t quite know what they are (I could have missed it in my drooling over–er, I mean appreciation of the characters) but it’s clear they are “Nobles” — whatever that means. So far, there isn’t a character I inherently dislike. And out of everyone I seriously love my little normie red-head Yusuke. I have no idea how important he’ll be in the overall narrative…but I love him. Don’t ask me–I can’t explain it.

Noblesse - Opening Video | BREAKING DAWN (Japanese Ver.) Produced by HYDE -  YouTube

So other things from this first episode? I absolutely adore the opening. It is honestly one of my favorite, if not my favorite, of the season. It’s also refreshingly different than the other two webtoon anime of the year (both who went really…edgy? Epic?). I also really like the animation in this show. It’s nowhere near as unique as either ToG or GoHS, but it’s very nice. Again, I’m not super familiar with the original artwork–I never read the webtoon, but I do see banners of it on the webtoon app. I think that in comparison…the anime is close to the artwork of the comic, but I feel like the anime has definitely lost something in the art department. But hey–maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the most current art in the webtoon looks exactly like the anime. Still, I like it. And of course, lastly, I also am obsessed with the ending song.

Overall, after watching the first episode–I’m on board. And not just for the pretty boys. Just MOSTLY for the pretty boys. But no, I’m curious to see where this goes because it seems to be like an anime with a slightly better narrative than the last two webtoon shows I saw (again, no shade to them that they are bad. Just not my favorites) . I look forward to more Yusuke–I mean, more of this anime. I hope it gets really good.

Thank you for reading my half-assed review of episode one of Noblesse. We’ll be back on normal Otaku Thursday to talk about another anime I’ve been super hyped for–Taisou Zamurai. Til next time then~

Stay weebtastic




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