RELATABLE. Aggretsuko Season 3 ***Spoilers ahead***

This series continues to surprise me!!!! Who would have known I would have so much in common by a sanrio animated show. Shook. Shooketh to my core. Spoilers ahead you’ve been warned! If you haven’t caught up on on our past posts here’s the two blogs you missed about season 2.

Aggretsuko Season 3 Trailer Sees A Switch From Death Metal To Pop

It only seems right to continue the Season 3 review! This season really spoke to me, Star. Since I have had struggles trying to find something more in life. Especially since I have definitely been in that place of sadness in the hole that is the “broke life”, pinching pennies while working just enough to survive with a schedule that didn’t allow for the fun things life offered. It sucked and I started to panic which resulted in me making some pretty weird decisions until I realized that I could pour my skills into something I was good at. Which led me to a path I am passionate about. But I slowly realized I had many passions, a lot I pushed aside and a lot I honestly still had but didn’t had the time for anyone. I knew something had to change. And enough about me on that matter let’s move on.

Aggretsuko' Season 3: Retsuko comes face to face with the predatory nature  of microtransactions | MEAWW

I’m not going to lie but that hole of VR was DEFINITELY Mystic Messenger for me. I didn’t go broke because of it but I definitely can speak to a game filling a hole in your heart. Trying to solve loneliness and sadness by diving deep into a beautiful package of pixels. It was fun for a time being but nothing could replace that hole and I knew that was just something I needed to live with and solve instead of ignoring.

Aggretsuko Season 4: Renewal And Release Updates

Tadano and Haida’s bromance was the beeeeeeest. The fact that they bonded over the mutual rejection of Retsuko warmed my heart! I loved watching them hash things out and get along. I could only hope more situations like this happened. There’s a lot of bonding that can happen over mutual pain. Speaking of pain…

Aggretsuko - Season 3 - Haida's choice - YouTube

I knew Haida couldn’t work double-time, juggling Inui and Retsuko. But watching him flipflop was so triggering because it was so real. He knows what to do to get over his feelings for Retsuko and he tried his best to follow through. But he couldn’t help himself, even though Inui may have been a good match for him, he still followed Retsuko to make sure she was alright. He even went to concerts to support her double life in secret ans he took a KNIFE for her. A KNIFE. The topping on the cake was his blessings from everyone about his feelings and pursuing Retsuko. Not to mention when he pulled her out of her rut and confessed to her with the match in hand.

Thoughts on Aggretsuko Season 3. Note: This isn't a comprehensive… | by  Bobby Schroeder | Aug, 2020 | Medium

I couldn’t resist a call back to this moment in particular. It was so REAL for me. I can’t tell you how many times I used karaoke to passive share how I feel but this was GOLD. A true peacock dance to show Retsuko just how much he cares in the language she understands. This isn’t the best tactic but it is a good one and we were all blown away.

Aggretsuko Season 3 Sneak Peek in 2020 | Anime, Season 3, Seasons

There were quite a number of things about this season that I felt was hard to watch but to me the saddest was waiting for Gori and Washimi to reconcile. They never quite came made up after the end of season 2. Towards the end they put aside their differences to help Retsuko but I do think we missed some characterization there.

I think that’s it folks! What a wild beautiful ride it was and I absolutely loved it. Thank you Sanrio for giving me some 100% relatable content.




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