Sunshine Blogger Award 2020

We’ve been nominated once again for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Pinkie! And this time with a brand new set of questions! Make sure to view Pinkie’s blog too it’s very honest and down-to-earth a breath fo fresh air for us Anibloggers 😛

Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination – Speak To The Brain Not The Heart


Display the logo, thank the one who tagged you, answer 11 questions, come up with 11 questions.. nominate 11 people. 

We have a lot to get to so we better get started!

Eleven questions answered so now it’s time for our 11 questions…

1. Which is your favourite Power Puff Girl. If you don’t have a favourite or don’t know the series make one up!

Buttercup - If Powerpuff Girls Were Real on We Heart It

2. If anime could be taken in as actual nourishment..what genre would be your favorite breakfast.

Luna: Boys Love. I’d eat that shit up.

Star: Magical Girl. Easy to digest.

3. How are you holding up in these times? Are you doing okay?

“Everything is fine.” Says one blogger to the other. “Once more and I’ll believe you.” Says the other blogger.

4. Did you ever have an imaginary friend?

Luna: I had many imaginary friends–I feel like one of them was simply called “Shadow” but I honestly don’t remember much about him. But NO. It was not based on the Sonic the Hedgehog character.

Star: Sure, I use to doodle them all the time.

5. Have you ever had impure thoughts about an anime/video game character?! What was the character?

Luna: Can’t say I have.

Star: -thinks for a long time- Nope.

6. Have you ever had impure thoughts about another blogger? Who thought I was gonna ask which blogger? I am not going to do that! But tell us a story anyway maybe drop us a hint!

Big nope from both of us.

7. Tell us about a weird thing you own.

Luna: I feel “weird” is sort of vague depending on your own interpretation of it. But my weirdest thing is probably this legit urn that a friend got me as a Christmas gift…and a plushie of a dead character in it. It was so odd…and I don’t know what to do with this urn now. 

Star: Three handmade Chocobo top hats. -coughCOSPLAYcough- (Also given to me by that same friend.)

8. How does the room you are writing this post in look like?

Luna: Nerdy and messy. There’s a typewriter to my left. An FFXV shrine to my right. And a bookcase behind me.

Star: Cluttered and Eclectic. I strive for Howl’s bedroom. 

9. Have you ever cooked/eaten something because you saw it in an anime/game?

Luna: All the damned time. And the food is always SO good (but also so hard to make sometimes).

Star: Do I–I mean… This one time I talked about new years but ended up talking about food and got some later. Then there’s KBBQ and Hot Pot adventures… 

10. If you could switch lives with an anime/game character and could make other choices as the character in the anime would.. Who would you swap with and what would you change?

Luna: I’m so conflicted. Wouldn’t that change the whole story? Like part of me wants to say Lavi so I can save him from his unfortunate fate. But also part of me wants to say Ciel Phantomhive because I would make WAY better choices than him if I had a demon butler at my disposal and a revenge to carry out.

Star: Misaki from Angelic Layer. I honestly want that to be my retirement plan.

11. Come up with a final question you really would like to answer.. then answer it! Our Final Question is… What do you catch yourself procrastinating with instead of writing blogs?

Well. Final Fantasy XIV because we were just playing it before we realized that a blog was supposed to go out at midnight and it was already 11pm.

+What piece of clothing would you want to own from an anime? 

+If you could have any three anime characters in your harem, who would they be and why? 

+What’s your favorite inspirational quote?

+If you could write about one thing for the rest of your weeby life, what would it be?

+ Would you rather be your favorite character or be WITH your favorite character? 

+  If you could meet any creator of a series who would it be?

+ What would be your dream job if you weren’t a blogger?

+ What’s the most obscure anime/manga you’ve read?

+What anime/manga demon would you make a contract with?

+ Which aspect in anime would you bring to real life?

+ What do you catch yourself procrastinating with instead of writing blogs?

And there you have it folks! It was fun! Can’t wait to see our fellow bloggers in the hot seat!

Stay Weebtastic!





2 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award 2020

  1. Cute answers! Thanks for doing this!

    The plushie in an urn sounds very weird indeed! One Chocobo Tophat I would totally get but three might be a bit much and does indeed fall in the weird category! Do you stack them on top of each other or do you alternate them?

    Ciel is definitely a good pick and changing the story was kind of the point! I’d swap with Emilia just so she becomes gay… resulting in Subaru making the better choice! Who would I date then? Not sure!
    I haven’t seen Angelic Layer but being reborn as a 12 year old girl might postpone your retirment? Or is she rich? I do not know!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Star here! They actually sit as a cluster on top of my bookcase. We agreed to try to edit in pics of the weird items soon, to be continued haha.

      Well all I can say about Angelic Layer is that Misaki’s situation definitely changes by the end of the story. Some of which involving money but also doing the thing she loves to do. But honestly, I would want nothing more then to play a puppet version of a fighting similator all day everyday. (I have a guilty pleasure for martial arts and fighting games.) It’s a win-win for me. My retirement comment is based around a quote I said many years ago, “This better exist by the time I retire.” Becuase I would spend so much time perfecting my style.

      Liked by 1 person

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