How to Hot Pot! For Beginners and Foodies

Hot pot can be a really fun experience since there’s so many ways and styles to enjoy it.

Today we went to The Rockin’ Crab & Boiling Pot where everyone got their own pot and it was still boiling!!!

Before our firery bowls arrived we were served with 3 utensils: a serving spoon, a regular spoon, and chopsticks, plus a bowl.

Then we were asked if we preferred. Rice or noodle. The choice is your personal preference of eating the food you’re boiling with rice or putting the noodles into the pot.

Finally our firery bowls arrived and due to the hot temperature, we removed food from the pot with the serving spoon and placed it into the bowl to cool. And used either the spoon or the chopsticks to stuff the food into our mouths.

Sturdy hand strength is required to maneuver the noodles and rice from pot to bowl or bowl to bowl, careful of splashing and spilling (like me haha).

Being that it’s hot, don’t be surprised if you start to sweat or get hot, you are in front of an open flame and you are consuming hot temperature things as well as spice (if you so choose).


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