Top 10 Anime Openings for Spring 2019

Spring openings (1)

It’s that time of year again! The time when I have to listen to all those anime openings of the season and figure out which I like best. So that is exactly what I’ve done, and while I normally do a top five, there were so many good openings this season that I’ve decided to extend that to a top ten. So without further ado, let the list begin!

10) “Kotae” by Mao Abe, Shoumetsu Toshi

While Shoumetsu Toshi doesn’t really leave an impression on me as an anime, the opening is really damn catchy. But that’s kind of all the opening has going for it. It’s got very typical visuals that aren’t remarkable in any way, but Mao Abe does an amazing job.

9) “Shoukei to shikabane no michi” by Linked Horizon, Attack On Titan season 3

You may be wondering why this isn’t further up the list. See, while I think this opening is extremely good, I also think it has a lot of elements to it that are very similar to the first. While this is definitely hype-worthy, I also think it’s very much just copying the same formula from the song that they knew fans loved. Will I fault them terribly for this? NO. This opening is amazing. From visuals to song, this is definitely memorable. Even if it’s because you actually will remember those riffs and swells…

8) “Setsuna no Ai” by GRANRODEO, Bungou Stray Dogs season 3

I’ve always been fond of Bungou Stray Dogs opening, and its 3rd season did not disappoint. While the song itself is good, it’s really the visuals of this opening that gets me.  There are some really interesting visual elements going on with the almost sketch style of characters we get at the end of the Dazai version. Meanwhile, in the Atsushi version, there’s these brilliant settings and pan outs of different settings. I don’t know, it all seems very artistic for me and I am here for it. Both versions of this opening are stunning to look at it and I give super kudos to it.

7) “Equal” by Sumika, Mix: Meisei Story

There is just something so frigging youthful about this opening. It’s so refreshing, catchy, and a delight to look at. One thing I love about this opening is the focus on different parts of the body. Be it hands, chest, legs, back. It’s interesting to look at and is almost like a warm-up before the chorus hits and we see the ball game begin. I also love how most of the characters have their heads tilted up towards the sky. It’s just so great. Plus I love Sumika so A+++ there.

6) “Tone” by Shouta Aoi, Kono Oto Tomare!

First off. I’m super upset Youtube didn’t have a link to the actual opening and only the music video. But let me tell you, the visuals that go along with the opening are really lovely. While at first I was disappointed this opening didn’t feature a koto, I was elated to see the opening animation have these droplets on strings throughout it to represent the koto being plucked and played. Each drop was carefully placed, and I love how this opening is so upbeat and colorful and incorporates a dragon in it. It’s a hell of a lot of fun, just like the koto club in the anime. So I really, really love this.

5) “Again” by Beverly, Fruits Basket (2019)

I know I can’t hide my excitement at Fruits Basket’s return, but even the opening is amazing. The song is gorgeous and it’s got a similar style to the original, being so breathy. But what I love in this opening is the choice of shots. See, it keeps in the spirit of the original opening by having mainly panning shots of characters, but whereas before everyone had their back turned, this time we see only the unknown Sohma’s with their backs turned. Kyo and Yuki get to face the front. I love how they kept Kyo’s shot of him on a roof and Shigure’s of him in the house. But this time I liked how Yuki was outside rather than on one side of a window. Not to spoil a ton…but it made a lot more sense. But my favorite part of this opening? It starts with Tohru doing laundry, which was what Tohru was doing at the end of the first opening. It’s a great callback and I fucking love it.

4) “Massara” by KANA-BOON, Sarazanmai 

See. It’s shit like this that makes you think Sarazanmai is just going to be a really cute and normal anime about some kappa’s and not the complete chaos and utter hilarity that it truly is. The opening to Sarazanmai, while perhaps misleading, is super fun. I constantly get the song stuck in my head and I think it shows off some of that nice MAPPA animation that we all know and love and shows off how stylish this show is. Plus the moment where homeboy is drowning in it, and it switches to the Otter’s is pure gold. It’s like he’s falling into desire but then he and the others burst back out into kappa form as they fight back. Sugoi.

3) “Knock on the Core” by [K]NoW_NAME, Fairy Gone

I’m still pretty iffy on this anime as a whole but the opening is so GOOD. The song alone is banging, but I love the style of this opening. The way it makes every frame look like a picture in a book is just so aesthetic and pleasing. It really is something unique, and watching this opening honestly gets me hyped. The fairies are also not as terrible looking in this opening to me, though I honestly still think they’d look better drawn in the art style of the show. Still, Knock on the Core is definitely an opening to remember even if the anime becomes something that isn’t to. I’d even say I even love this opening more than the Sirius the Jaegar one (which I loved a lot).

2) “Kiss me” by Carol & Tuesday (Nai Br.XX & Celeina Ann), Carole & Tuesday

I love the entire style of this opening. The song is pretty cute, but nothing to call home about. But the style of this opening? Pure gold. The song has this like slight hip hop vibe to it in my opinion, and the art is very simple and paints like. It’s super stylistic and it feels like the whole opening jumped out from a piece of artwork you’d find in San Fransico or the like. The dancing of the characters is almost music-video-like, as are all the shots in the opening. Overall, I think it all works together really well and almost creates a sense of nostalgia. I honestly can’t stop watching it.

1)”Gurenge” by LiSA, Kimetsu no Yaiba

LiSA is a legit queen. Every anime opening she does is absolutely fantastic. Gurenge has her signature sound which fits the action so well, but Kimetsu no Yaiba’s visuals are what really takes this opening beyond. The unique style of its animation goes so well with the song choice. Moreover, each transition is carefully lined up with the music. Plus that scene where homeboy’s sister turns around? BEAUTIFUL. Literally, that part onward in the opening is stunning. Plus I like how that slower part starts in black and white and then shifts to color as the opening music picks up. Overall, this is just another prime example of an anime with already great animation matching it to fit the rockstar vocals of LiSA.

So there you have it! Those were my top 10 anime openings from Spring 2019. What are yours? Let us know in the comments below!




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