Life is hard for an Otaku: Dressing for the occasion

As a weeb I’ve come to the realization that I have a ton of weeby fangirl tee shirts, and my collection keeps growing. Although my wardrobe seems to be ready for any occasion, it definitely is more weeby than your average closet.

But there is a time and place to be weeby and no one said you can’t sneak it in to your everyday wear.

Work Attire

Being at an office limits your dress code, but there have designers that think about us white collared workers. Prints are usually a grey zone at the office but a subtle small print can be camouflaged into a design. Like this pokemon line .

Formal Attire

Blazers, ties and accessories is a great way to get around strict dress codes. You can sneak a ribbon in your hair or pocketwatch in your pocket for all those secretly weeby but rather stylish outcome.


Wear all that fangirling merch to sleep! Big tees are great to sleep in. PJ sets, sweatpants, and cotton shorts are also easy options to wear. Not to mention your kigus oversized hoodies, and ultra fluffy house shoes.

Party Outfit

There’s so many styles being incorporated by TV show it’s getting easier to find in stores. As anime takes on the mainstream media you’re fine tons of weeby print on dresses, bathing suits, jackets and the like.

I think that’s enough to get you started. And now I realized, I never clarified that this post is to help incorporate weebiness into every part of you wardrobe. YOU’RE WELCOME.




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