Violet Evergarden: Eien to Jidou Shuki Ningyo Review

Our long wait is half over! Eternity an the Auto Memory Dolls was released on Netflix in April. But with that being said we are all still waiting on the movie which Kyoani has promised to release. No onward to the review!

Luna and I watched this by netflixparty and I have the honors of reporting back to you! So I have so many things to say because this side story was super cute and heartwarming in true Violet Evergarden.

It’s still unclear what Violet’s job really was when she was at the all girls boarding school, but it was worth it. Maybe this blog post should have been called why Violet would make an amazing man. She was incredibly chivalrous and assertive. Not to mention her new prince like formal wear was such a power suit! Overall there were some incredibly simplistic yet beautiful shots of hair are shoes.

Then there’s our favorite mail carrier, Benedict Blue! Who went from best boy to shishou. He definitely aged well and his upgraded outfit was him in heels and a nice shiny motorcycle. This man deserved his own episode arch and we couldn’t be more grateful for it.

As for our newest addition to the cast I am wondering if we will be seeing her in the OVA. She seems like a generational asset to the story and as we learned from the side story, time skips are possible which brings outfit changes and evolving storylines. All an all, it was a beautiful side-story.




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