First Impressions: Fruits Basket Season 2

Happy Fangirl Friday everyone! I’m back at it with another First Impressions and today we are going to be talking about–yup you already read it in the title–Fruits Basket season 2. If you’ve been around the blog for a bit you’ll know that Star and I are huge fans of Furuba and that we were extremely psyched for the reboot that began last year (if not, here’s my reaction to season 1). Luckily, the reboot delivered on it’s promise and has gifted us with a season 2, so without further ado, let’s get talking about how it looks so far!

So first off, unlike season 1 of Fruits Basket, season 2 features plots that have never before been animated (duh). For manga readers like myself, this means we get to see the pages jump right out at us after YEARS of waiting. And for anime only watchers? I envy them. They get to see all the magic happen right before their very own eyes for the first time. Season 2 is going to cover some of my favorite arcs and plot points, and, if you’ve seen the first episode, you know that part of that will be Yuki’s backstory. Not only that, but some other deeply dramatic storylines are about to surface as we’re going to delve deeper into the Sohma family history (and future).

Hello Again: The Somas Are Back for Fruits Basket Season 2

In season 1 of the anime, Kyo certainly had a bigger focus towards the end and we got to learn more about his backstory and his curse. While his past will be continued to be explored (as evident in episode 2 where he visits Kazuma with Tohru), season 2 positioned itself to explore Yuki instead by opening with an episode that follows one of the members…of his fanclub. While this gives the season a generally funny opening, it also has its fair share of drama. We not only get to see from someone who has watched Yuki for a long time that he has changed, and we also get to hear his doubts about himself for a second. In the first few episodes, we also get introduced to characters on the student council who will become friends with Yuki in the future, one of which is a LOT like Ayame and who actually manages to get a reaction out of Yuki (a reaction meaning–irritation).

Fruits Basket Season2 Episode 2 Review & Spoilers! Eat Somen With ...

But fear not Kyo fans because there’s still plenty of Kyo content hinted at as well during the second episode. When Kyo goes to visit Kazuma, we have to see scenes that depict his complete trash-of-what-you-barely-call-a-father, who shows up and starts complaining about Kyo’s monstrosity to Kazuma (thank the lords and ladies our cat didn’t have to hear it). Aside from revealing what a complete ass of a person he is, he also mentioned the oh so famous, let’s call it, cage. That is going to be both very important for the rest of the season (hell, series) and is heavily traumatic for a multitude of characters. …Did I mention this season was going to be hella dramatic? The other great thing we got out of this episode was the continuously budding feelings of Kyo towards Tohru. Goddess, they are too cute. Meanwhile, the third episode goes back to my boy Yuki, as he and Ayame have a great chat that sets some foundations down for Yuki’s traumatic past, and some of the growth we’ll see from him in the future. All and all, some nice little foreshadowing.

Fruits Basket Season 2 - OP / Opening | "Prism" by AmPm ft. Miyuna ...

Speaking of foreshadowing. THAT OPENING MAN. It’s so funny because it seems really nice and cute but as Star and I were watching it together, I (who has a better memory of the manga since I binge it annually), kept making jokes about some of the imagery and plot lines. Like for instance, let’s just say I mentioned a certain sandcastle in the opening…lo and behold later on, Kyo himself mentions a sandcastle. Anyway, it’s fun to watch. Plus the opening is so lovely as always. But the ENDING. My goddess, the ending is amazing. The song is great. The cute animals are great. And altogether I’m just a huge fan. I never skip the sequence.

I think altogether, I’m still super psyched for season 2. Because I love drama and I know what’s coming. Not only that, but so far the reboot hasn’t let me in down in either animation or translation of page to screen. So really, this blog post was just a chance for me to reiterate my devotion to this show (sorry ya’ll). It’s definitely going to be a contender for best of season (though that will be skewed with all the delayed anime). Still, give it a watch–it’s totally worth. And Star and I have certainly been enjoying watching it together.

That’s all for today folks. What do you think of Furuba season 2 so far? And what else are you watching the season? Let me know! Til next time!

Stay weebtastic!



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