Demystifying online dating sites for Otaku

I’m going to start by saying it was a cute concept but they are utter trash. Most advertise a free service but in order to reply or send messages there was a fee. Free does not mean free.

I mainly work off of this blog post. Which included some sites for normies. And there was only one site on the list I didn’t try.

These two sites are exactly the same. But marketed slightly different. All in all, in order to participate you needed to pay the fee but making a profile was free.

Match and Plenty of Fish marketed towards normies but more and more of us keep joining Plenty of Fish. When I went to make a profile it had fill out a long questionnaire about how I viewed certain aspects of life. But then it locked me out of my own account. After wasting an hour or so I gave up trying to retrieve my profile. Match was simple to set up and used a percentage to show match compatibility but also had a fee to communicate.

The two other dating sites Anime Dating Site and Anime Lovers Dating were the same and a rather interesting experience. One was red and sultry looking in advertising and design while the other was for friendly and bubbly looking. Like I explained before these two sites wanted a fee to send and reply to messages. Making your profile was a series of questions about anime. How many animes you’ve seen, what’s your top anime, things like that. But once you were through the questions they disappeared and it felt like those questions were irrelevant. The sure itself was set up like a forum but instead of threads it was profiles. The people on the site felt normie like. Which gave me an picking feeling that these people were looking for a stereotype of what female anime fans must be… Kinky.

As time consuming as it was, I couldn’t help but share my experience via screenshare with my friends and then again with you all! (We honestly don’t need dating sites we find each other at con.)




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