Yuri through the ages– GL and the like

Heyo everybody! Let’s about GL!

At first I, Star, didn’t think I had a lot to contribute on the subject since I stayed away from most romance story lines but some have really stood out over the years.

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Utena x Anthy from Revolutionary Girl Utena circa 1997. Utena’s entire goal is become a prince and marry the Princess. What more should I say? Other than this is one of my top favorite cosplays to see since the characters are so iconic. Also what this anime meant to the queer community was really something to be celebrated especially riding the backlash of Sailor Moon.

Speaking of Sailor Moon…

Image result for sailor uranus and neptune

Alright so not that big of a surprise that I bring these two into the blog post. Sailor Uranus (Tomoe) x Sailor Neptune (Kaioh). But when these two came into American television the English dubs made sure to confuse us all by saying that these two women were cousins. Being that for a kids show, it was inappropriate to show lesbian lovers even though the creator of the franchise officially announced that they are a couple.

Now for the more obsure and losely GL themed shows as we enter the 2000s.

Image result for simoun

This is Aer x Nerviril from Simoun. This anime is a GL Mecca in which, everyone is born female, they pilot battle-planes before they reach a certain age and have to decide what sex they would like to live as for the rest of their lives. Forgot to mention they have to kiss to turn the plane on and without chemistry between the pilots they can’t fly.

And now the 2010s…

Image result for citrus anime

Yuzu x Mei from Citrus. I’m sure they are recognizable to some of you. Honestly this is a common theme in Hentai but since it’s GL it’s considered soft-core. These two newly made sisters fall in love with each other and it’s dramatic!

Lastly my personal favorite…

Image result for bloom into you

Yuu x Touko from Bloom into you. This one brought asexuality to the table in a high schol setting. What a pleasant surprise and a very serious slow burn as we watched Yuu come to terms with her feelings towards Touko.

What all this being said, GLs can bring a different kind of approach to love in any genre. And the way it’s expressed can be subtle or straightforward like any other love story. Honestly, it’s a good refresher inbetween all the other shoujo and I often find myself more intrigued.

And that was my brief coverage on Yuri throughout the ages. If GL isn’t your thing check out Luna’s Yaoi post I’m sure it’ll leave you breathless lol

Leave a comment and let me know what your favorite Yuri or GL is!



Food for thought, then there’s this show.

Image result for ranma 1/2

I love Ranma 1/2 hahahahaha


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