The Ships I’m Captain Of – Luna’s Top 5 Couples of the year

Hello all and welcome back to Doki Doki Days! Last year I gave you all a list of my all time favorite shoujo manga go read for Valentine’s day, but obviously there is a world of anime and manga and webtoons that are shoujo out there in the world. So here are my top 5 ships that made my heart go doki-doki this past year.

Mafuyu x Yuki (Given)

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So at the back end of my list, I have a wonderfully boys love ship. From the anime Given, this ship is none other than Mafuyu x Yuki. Which yes. I know. How DARE I not put Mafuyu x Uenoyama. See, while I love the main couple in Given, I can’t help but also support the love story we’ve only got to see bits and pieces of—Yuki and Mafuyu’s love story. It was just as sweet as Uenoayama and Mafuyu’s—we just weren’t there for it. But you cannot tell me that Yuki didn’t love Mafuyu dearly, or vice versa. These two were so clearly, so hopelessly in love.

Kaguya x Miyuki (Kaguya-sama: Love is War)

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The next is a couple that is absolutely perfect for each other—Kaguya and Miyuki from Love is War. I mean, they are both SO bad at feelings though but like that’s half the fun of watching them struggle. There’s no way you can watch Love is War and not ship them—the show is literally about the ship. I really hope that there is a season two of this to watch these two idiots continue to be in love.

Kurata x Kurusu (Kono Oto Tomare!)

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MAKE WAY FOR THE SHIP WHOSE FLAG I FLY HIGHEST FOR THIS LAST YEAR. It is none other than Kurata x Kurusu from Kono Oto Tomare! I honestly don’t know how I got on this ship so hard, maybe because I already liked both of these characters and seeing Kurusu fall for Kurata just made my life complete. But I am so on board this ship. I just want them to be together and to be happy. They are so friggin great together. There are so many good moments in which these two are placed together and you almost see a glimpse of what might be a confession…but nah. The author here is playing the long game so I’m going to stan for life. Also I feel Kurusu on a spiritual level.

Rin x Kagura (Kami-sama no Ekohiiki)

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Okay so my next one isn’t like an official pairing or anything—its honestly just a ship that never happened but I wish it had. From the manga Kami-sama no Ekohiiki, Rin x Kagura. Now this manga is super complicated but essentially the main guy ends up in a girls body and assumes the role of Kagura-chan. Even though he is trying to pursue his best friend (a dude), Rin becomes his first female friend and she falls for Kagura and she realizes she loves KAGURA and not him as a dude. I honestly loved the Kagura and Rin dynamic that I actually was rooting against boys love for once in hopes that Rin would end up with Kagura.

Hades x Persephone (Lore Olympus)

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My last OTP from this year was none other than from the webtoon Lore Olympus. Hades x Persephone. And I KNOW Star is right on board this one as well. The depiction of the relationship between these two is absolutely delightful. The way Hades treats Persephone like a true lady sets the standards for everyone. The beautifully cute moments between these two will always make my day, and I can’t wait til Persephone officially becomes his queen.

There are definitely way more pairings out there that were noteworthy or shippable this year, and this barely touches the tip of the iceberg. But these are the ones I was VERY into. I am most likely going to be rewatching/rereading all this content during this DokiDoki week! Til next time

Stay weebtastic




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