Star’s viewing experience of Shonen Ai: GIVEN

For the first time ever, Star and Luna watched a shonen ai together. Where Luna could experience Star’s commentary firsthand.

Star had given Luna a warning that her commentary could be distracting and overdramatic before they began. But Luna persisted and started to stream the first episode of Given. Context, Luna had already seen all the current episodes and read the manga. So there were no surprises other than Star’s reactions.

Given, from Star’s POV:

This Shonen Ai has an incredibly slow burn. But the dark underbelly became such an intriguing twist to the story that the viewers often forgot that they were waiting for something. Which made the anime feel as though it was going much faster than it was. So by episode 11 The slow burn was worth the wait.

On a completely separate note, the way this anime expressed emotion was so relatable and honest to how people feel in those moments. Visually there was so much context behind a small effect but it meant the world in understanding just how the characters were feeling.

As calm and collected as this blog may seem, Star was the living version of the comment section. Because she too was feeling anxiety about Uenoyama and Sato so much so that it resulted in a full binge.

What a show. And we both can’t wait till the movie.




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