Nerds from different realms

Have you ever hung out with a bunch of nerds, that were not into the same things? This one goes out to all of you that have nerdy friends in different realms.

Luna and I find ourselves in many different circles of friends. Most of them are nerdy. But every now and then we end up in a group that we don’t recognize and this can get kind of awkward.

Being that Luna and I are clearly anime, manga, cosplay nerds we go into most groups pretending to be normies. Give or take the potential nerdy fashion statements, we try to be as normal as possible. Sometimes we forget that other nerds are also pretending to be normies. Which can cause an awkward conversation or two about mundane topics such as work, school, relationships, and the weather.

Good segways into possibly nerdy conversations can start with shows on basic streaming services, artistic hobbies, and reminiscing things from childhood.

From those topics alone, we were able to segway into books, webcomics, manga, recent animes and the like.

And then all at the same time we had come to a conclusion that we were a table of nerds of different kinds. And in a really strange yet very sophisticated way it brought us all together. Suddenly we understood the pain caused by fictional plots and characters that we all share waiting for the next chapter, episode, season, volume, or movie.

It is a truly magnificent experience.




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