The season of Sequels – Fall 2019: What I’ll be Watching

Hello and welcome to Otaku—Tuesday? No, that doesn’t sound right. Anyway, summer anime has been wrapping up which means that fall anime has started airing. So today, on the first day of Otakutober, I thought I’d make a list of things I’ll be watching. And spoiler alert—a good portion of them are continuations, hence why this is the season of sequels and second seasons. Anyway, let’s get into it!


My Hero Academia season 4

I feel like this is no surprise. My Hero Aca is such a staple in the shounen anime community these days that there’s no way I can avoid watching it. And I do like it a lot. But season 4 is actually going to cover an arc that was both really good and kind of tedious to get through. Still, I’m excited to see how they choreograph some iconic fights in this season. This will deal with how the world had changed after the pivotal moment of last season. So 10/10—will definitely watch.

Psycho-Pass 3

You know, I once wrote a college paper about Psycho-Pass. So, CLEARLY, I’m a big fan. But if I’m being totally honest, I didn’t even know a season 3 was coming out, so when I saw this on My Anime List, you best believe I squealed (yes squealed) in joy. It’s a must-watch for me. I just hope it’s good.

Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of the Underworld

Ahhhh, SAO…we meet again. To be honest, I wasn’t totally in love with how they ended the last part of Alicization, in fact it might have made me sworn from watching the rest of the Alicization arc. But, my brother convinced me otherwise and thus I will be continuing Kirito’s journey in the underworld.

Kabukichou Sherlock

So…I have no idea what this is gonna be about. The description on MAL seems to allude to comedy, mystery, suspense, and drama. All of which I’m a fan of, so Kabukichou Sherlock definitely intrigues me. Whether or not it’s one of the anime I’ll keep up with all season…well, I’ll judge that once I know what the hell this anime is really about! Also, I don’t know what it is…but this is giving me some serious Durara vibes.


Yo you guys, this looks AMAZING. The description of this tells the story of a prosecutor officer who begins to investigate illegal clinical research related to a drug company. While this might sound pretty vague, it looks like the actual anime will get into some pretty hefty ground with tying this drug case into an election (drugs and politics—I LOVE IT). At a cursory glance, this could possibly be my favorite series of the fall.

Kono Oto Tomare! 2nd season

I feel like I don’t even have to sing my praise of the first season of Kono Oto Tomare (if you want to read about it, you can do so here). This drama anime that is centered around a koto club filled with loveable characters, has totally floored me this year. I love the issues they cover, I love the story. I’m very excited to see the second season as I think it’ll cover my personal favorite part of the manga (which I read the manga after being floored with this anime). This is a must-watch for me.

XL Joushi

This is the most unique anime on my list for what I’m going to watch. This is going to be one of those 5-min long episodes anime, and it’s definitely going to be a romance. But what intrigues me is that this is about an office woman who starts a job reviewing XL condoms. This is gonna be some A+, Rated R romance and possibly comedy. I have to watch it. I have to know what it’s like.


So that’s pretty much everything that’s really on my radar for Fall. I’ll, of course, be trying to watch as many anime as I can from the season, but these are the ones I’m truly hyped for. Which anime are you excited for this fall? Anything you recommend me watching? Let me know! Otherwise I look forward to an amazing Otakutober.

Til next time!




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