First impressions: Raven of the inner palace- Let me love so I learn to love myseeeelf

I’m going to start my saying after watching c-dramas I understand the storytelling of Wuxia shows. Anime isn’t exempt of this tradition. For those of you that don’t know, Wuxia shows are the masters of the slow-burn. It feels slow and irrelevant at first but you continue to learn with every episode more about the world, the characters and the innate dance of Chinese censorship. Luckily, this is an anime made by a Japanese studio sooo bye bye to censorship these backstories are brutal. (And we at, YCK, looooove that shit.)

Watch the trailer

So the story seems simple from the first episode. But there are darker things at play in the palace of birds. We follow a rightful emperor and his collaboration with the palace exorcist as they reveal the palace’s secrets with a band of trusted mistrusts.

The visuals in the storytelling is stunning. Super detailed and with clean lines. But my personal favorite parts of each spiritual investigation is the shadow puppet retelling of memories. Strangely enough it all works together.

The opening, is modern jazz which is honestly surprising and weird and out of context it confuses the viewer. But it really shows you the way of the land. Literally. The ending is like a graceful, serene painting of a moment of peace in the palace with the cast. Really makes you wonder if this image was just a dream. Also the song slaps.

Anyways, we are eating this slow-burn romance up. It’s so good. But it may trigger some folks.




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