On the Eleventh day of Weebsmas: How to throw a Weebsmas Party

Hey everyone! Weebsmas is almost over and wow what a ride it’s been! We actually just held our little get-together and it was very sucessful. Everyone felt fed, made cookies and opened gifts. Slightly tinged in the weeby gift-giving spirit.


Probably the most fun out of all things. We spruce up the space with pinecones and throw some tinsel, lights, and candy canes everywhere. Weave some keychains on the tree or collectibles with santa hats.


It’s best to serve something that is sharable and depending on how hungry the guests are you can cook something. Since we wanted our friends to decorate sugar cookies we made plates of different kinds (vegan and regular) to consume. We chose to buy a pre-made platter of frozen tofu, fish cake, slices of beef and pork from a little Japanese grocery store called Uwajimaya. But honestly, most Asian store have these things. (We also made from mulled wine for those who could drink.)


This year we had stockings filled with weeby trinkets for the inner circle of friends and holiday crackers for their plus ones. We got creative with the tags and named them after characters they would know. The crakers were entertaining since they had terrible jokes and paper crowns inside of their explosive shells.

At the end of our nigh our friends had fun and were well fed. With every get-together, nothing is complete without some games on switches and some handmade holiday cards.




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