On the Seventh day of Weebsmas: How to buy for a Weeby White Elephant

Welcome back to yet another day of Weebmas! We’re going to talk about one if the greatest holiday games and how to play with weebs. I’ll start by saying there’s two ways to play, nice and naughty. With that being said, let’s get started.

If you consider yourself to be lawfully good or chaotic evil, subtle or loud there’s something that any weeb would enjoy. Something primarily Japanese would be ideal.

How to play nice

Japanese Stationary

Like a hot plate and a split pot for cooking, a gift card to a Japanese restaurant, stationary set or if there’s a large amount of cosplayers, a sewing machine, an organizer for said supplies or tools. Or face products, fashion magazines, architecture books, handkerchiefs or cases to hold things of any sort. Throw in a plushie or keychain of a chiba inu those are always great.

How to play naughty

Dakimakura example

Buy the most outrageous anime gift from any fandom you can find. From a boobed mouse pad, pin-up play mat, dakimakura with any clothing amount, poster, calendar, pins, shirts, sweaters, hats, necklaces, dishware, the louder then better.

Hope you enjoyed my very quick separation of classy to degen.




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