On the Eighth day of Weebsmas: Top 5 Anime of Fall 2021

On the eighth day of Weebsmas Luna gets to write something fun! The Top 5 anime of Fall 2021…

Okay nah who am I kidding that’s not going to be fun because this season had some surprisingly good anime. In fact, so much so that this post is going to be very unfun. The ranking will be…something alright. Like I honestly don’t know how this will go. I am actually writing this prior to finishing a handful of anime from this season, so this ranking will fresh off the press with little time to actually mull. Why did I do this to myself for a Weebsmas gift? Anyway, without further ado, let’s count it down!

5) Platinum End

Platinum End

So, I actually really like this anime and originally I was thinking it’d be at number two or three. But as of writing this post, it has one more episode to go, but also it’s supposedly 24 episodes long. This means much like Aquatope last season, it’s not done yet and we haven’t seen the full plot. So while we are impressed with it as is, it has to sit at number five on this list for now.

4) Shiroi Suna no Aquatope

Shiroi Suna no Aquatope
fuuka and kukuru

Okay…so the second half of this show, admittedly, was a bit of a letdown overall. While I enjoyed the narrative of this drama overall, we were left with many holes in this show, and while the first twelve episodes were great in Gama Gama, the last 12 in Tingara had their ups and downs. Some characters felt sidelined, the story went at a slow pace, and we began feeling lost as a show. It did bring itself together near the end, with Kukuru and Fuuka finding their way into adulthood. But…this show had romantic undertones between the two girls–especially in the ending episode, but there was no explicit scenes–which is fair. But it felt like an ending that wasn’t really an ending–which again is fair for a slice-of-life. Definitely not the best of the season, but not the worst.

3) Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu (Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut)

Irina The Vampire Cosmonaut
Tsuki to laika to nosferatu
lev and irina

I would really like to give this a higher position on the list…but I feel like I can’t. I thoroughly enjoyed this from week to week. I was incredibly investing in Lev and Irina. I found the plot interesting and heartfelt, and the animation was pretty good–as was the OST. However, by the end of the end–I wanted more. The story did not feel complete to me, the romance aspect was never fully explored or leaned into, and threads unexplored. A season two should have been in the stars for this. So, I can’t in good nature give it more than three even though this was definitely a highlight of the season.

2) Blue Period

Blue Period 

I knew I was going to like this show when I heard about it, and this show did not let me down. While I thoroughly enjoyed every second of Blue Period, it admittedly wasnt the best show for animation–despite being an anime about art. It had beautiful pieces itself, but there were moments where animation lacked. The characters, were to die for though. Yatora was an excellent MC and I loved his supportive friends. The biggest reason this isn’t number one is because though it wraps up Yatora’s journey into art school, it only the beginning of Yatora’s story overall, and thus it feels unsatifsying where it ended. AKA this show needs a season two asap.

1) Heike Monogatari

The Heike Monogatari 

Coming in hot at number is none other than Heiki Monogatari. Not only was it the only show to finish it’s entire narrative, it was really well done. I’m talking like…masterpiece levels. The animation was very unique, the soundtrack was excellent, and the chracters were strong–well, the main characters at least. Biwa’s family–they were strong. Each of the siblings had their tales told beautifully, even if it was very sad. I guess that’s how you know it was good. Overall, we really enjoyed this show. It was beyond good–a great retelling of the Tale of the Heike. Also the opening and ending numbers were awesome. This show truly deserves number one.

Welp. That wraps it up for day 8 of 12 Days of Weebsmas! We now have our fourth, but not final nomination for best anime of the year. And I really do believe Heike deserves that nomination. What else will get those last four special nominations? Well, we’ll decide in due time, but just like this top five was hard to place, so too will our anime awards. Still, I hope you look forward to them! And I hope you enjoyed day eight and will join us again for day nine where we’ll look towards next season.

Stay weebtastic,




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