Life is hard for an Otaku: Concerts (IN A PANDEMIC)

Hey everyone! Thought we’d post something that is relevant nowadays in a world that is trying to live in the middle of a pandemic. Concerts! Honestly, live music and concerts were severely missed in the pandemic. Musicians everywhere were feeling lost or sometimes inspired by their inability to perform. So now that event spaces have begun to open up, more tours have started which means our favorite rockstars are back in action!

For those of you that are thinking of attending a concert here’s all the things you need to know!

  • Most concerts ask for proof of vaccination. Which means both shots! With the boasters getting rolled out there may be another shot in which to be aware of.
  • Proof of a Negative test within 72 hours of the event is the flip side to those who medically cannot take the vaccines.
  • Every venue has their own set of requirements. If that’s 21 and over only, getting hand stamped once for vaccines and twice for the bar, or even being fully masked inside at all times or only outside, or limiting how many tickets sold.
  • VIP has definitely changed since COVID. Some don’t try to accommodate with this kind of thing being that it’s a risk for anyone and everyone to be that close. But some have thought things through and have worked out a socially distant photo or special gifts for their visitors.
  • Some artists have cut down on performances, especially out of country dates. Which means they are more likely going to give their home shows special treatment.
  • Smaller crowds and admittance. Which means a more intimate experience for everyone.
  • Buy merch! This is how you support the techs that make concerts possible for artists.

In other words, be on the look out for other performers (like Miyavi) who is only touring North America through the month of October.




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