Hey, is this thing on?–First impressions: Nami yo Kiitekure (Wave, listen to me)

It’s about a girl and it opens with her reading from papers but is confronted by a bear and somehow she’s not running she’s just reading aloud to this bear in the forest. I think she’s having moments of clarify of her situation but here she is still. Then we but to her in the studio. And not the bear is coming after her. Her studio recording is her fighting the bear but also reading these stories. Okay the story actually starts with her at a bar talking to, who would be the radio producer, drunk. But then she wakes up in her apartment her clothes on the floor. She needed to cry so she did. Then she goes to work and suddenly she realizes she is the one on the radio rushes to the station, speaks live about her drunken banter, grabs the mic and promises that she’d take destroy the man who did her wrong.

It’s edgy looking realistic style and fast pace makes it hard to look away. It’s a Slice of life, dromedy presented like an action movie. The energy is high and the dialogue is fast. Dare I say it’s “Fast and Furious“. THE BALLS ON THIS GIRL. But also she had some incredible BDE. A true aggressive woman to admire. In a lot of ways she does NOT have her shit together. But her voice is an incredible weapon.

The opening is a banger. And editing wise it’s actually gorgeous. Symbolizing sound waves.

The ending was abruptly a ballad with the original manga art and suddenly I understand everything.

I have to say for a show about talking the Riho Sugiyama does an AMAZING job, I’m interested to see how well this went in Dub too. It must have been a challenging yet fun venture as a voice actor to play a character that is so aggressive with her speaking. She was so fluid with the ranting and used her energy to build in her voice which was truly masterful to hear. For a drama about the rise to fame I am definitely interested to hear more and watch more!




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