Part 5- American references in Anime- Anime that takes place in America

This is all about animes that take place on America!  Remember when I did that post that was all about McDonald’s, Starbucks and Denny’s? Here we go again but way less anime this time because these are the stand outs in my opinion.


This takes place in America during the prohibition era. Involving gangs and the search for a elixir of everlasting life.

Cute but kinda forgettable. I wished the build up was better planned. Or brought the stakes up a little higher than they were.

91 Days

This also takes place in the prohibition era also involving gang life. But most importantly it’s about a young man seeking revenge for the death of this family.

Consider this to be the more violent and darker version of Baccano. Diving deep into the gang life and giving in to the darkness of what a grudge does to a human heart.

Banana Fish

This is a BL that takes place in the middle of a gang war in the 90s mostly in New York.

A modern take on gang life but from a more psychological standpoint. Being that the abuse that was endured had more of an emotional impact than a physical one. It’s truly the pursuit of happiness, it couldn’t have been more, dare I say, patriotic.

Chrono Crusade

This is a exorcism squad battling devils, meeting angels and apostles. Taking place mostly on the East coast of America.

This is surprisingly educational. I learned so much about religion and the mythology behind it that spurred me to find more anime like it of different religion.

Eden of the East

This is about a phone that can grant wishes and a high stakes competition to come out as the last one standing. Strangely in a city like New York.

It’s a cute anime. Humorous and chill for being as crazy as it seems. But it embodies freedom because of the power that the holders of the phones have on the world.


This one is about a girl who wishes to become a full-time acrobat for a circus company. The city looks a lot like Los Angeles.

By far my favorite “feel good” anime. I like to watch it when I feel sick or sad because it’s all about encouragement and fighting to make your dreams come true. That hard work and perseverance pays off in the end.

And there you have it folks! (I left out Yu-Gi-Oh because that’s a whole other debate in itself that Luna would love to give.)



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