Life is hard for an Otaku- Different kinds of weebs

A long time ago Luna and I had a discussion about the kind of hipsters we see on the streets of Portland, Oregon. You’d be surprised how many there are and how many try to pass as something else. It’s unmistakable, a hipster can’t hide how hipster they are no matter how hard they try. And neither can weebs.

Classy weebs

This category is particularly partaining to the weebs that have a lot of money to spend. They tend to buy items that embellish there image as a classy, clean cut weeb.

Rachet weebs

Opposite of the classy category, these weebs are from the streets. Their style is everyday wear with a touch of a badass vibe. Causal yet weeby.

Trash weebs

A step lower and to the side of the rachet category, these weebs are meme-y in their attire. Sometimes on impulse people cringe by the oiverly obvious swag.

Hipster weebs

Rounding us back to the beginning, hipster weebs try to be just hipsters but find themselves adding Miyazaki film tattoos to their sleeves and metal pins and patches to denim jacket of their favorite characters.

Speaking honestly I think Luna and I is a mix of all three 😂




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