Everyone is in their feelings- Anibloggers and nerds alike

Recently, an issue has been brought to our attention as anibloggers about negativity in our community.

Being that our community of nerds are like any group of nerds, they often have strong opinions. In this case it becomes a show of my-way-or-the-highway in terms of response. This is toxic.

Yes, we can have strong opinions but we as bloggers shouldn’t have to be afraid to post the unpopular opinion. But because our community is so strong and scrappy we often find ourselves as bloggers holding back on how we truly feel, meaning we are catering to an audience instead of being our authentic selves. This is damaging.

It creates a space in which we become scared of the community we love. And there is a much better way of expressing extreme emotion that is respectful and insightful. And that is discussion.

We open our comment section so that we can hold a conversation about our piece. Have it be agreeable or opposing. But opposing can be eye-opening and engaging. It could bring up points that we might have overlooked in our pieces. Meaning we aren’t looking for a fight, we are looking for conversation.

Not to hold hands and preach about friendship but, we really need to be nice to each other. There are much more pressing issues to fight for. Let’s all just get along haha.




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