How to wash a wig

It’s time for another Con Crunch blog!

This time I’ll be giving instruction on how to wash a cosplay wig. (In this case synthetic wigs.)

  1. De-tangling

    This is an incredibly important step before washing any wig. First you need to go through your wig with a comb. There are three basic kinds that I personally like using for wigs. Fine toothed, regular toothed, thick toothed. I like to start with the thick toothed comb first to help separate the hair into sections. Then Decide if you want to work on the outside layer or the inside layer. Start from the bottom and work your way up. If your wig is really Tangled you may want to use a lotion & water solution. Spray bottles are perfect for a spread.

  2. Trimming

    This step is about releasing the knots from the wig. Once the knots have been worked to the bottom of the wig cut them free. Pretty simple. Make sure to cut JUST the knots out.

  3. Washing

    You’ll want to rinse them and soak them completely in a tub or bucket. Gently work your fingers or a wash cloth through the hair. You don’t need to use soap. But you should use liquid fabric softener. It helps make the hair soft. Let them soak for at least 20-30 minutes.

  4. Drip dry

    Once they have soaked, hang them up. On hooks, hangers, clips. Make sure to utilize the hair net and lace so that the hair can drip dry and not be ripped out.

  5. De-static

    Once the wig is dry, a second comb through doesn’t hurt. Use the lotion & water solution to get it silly by work it in. If the wig is fuzzy or fluffy at the ends feel free to trim it down. After that, you can use a dryer sheet to rub over the hair to get all the strays in control. Make sure to go from top to bottom and your wig should be ready to go!

That’s all folks! Happy wig washing!




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