How to Photoshoot: A Voltron Christmas

In celebration of the last season of Voltron, the the (formly known Weebspeaking Gaishits) OofPDX have cooked up something pretty special.

Getting a photoshoot together is no joke. We were definitely grabbing things last minute and didn’t think about all the things that we might need before the shoot. So we ended up buying lights, a wig, glasses, a fuzzy blanket, and many christmas sweaters.

If you’re thinking of having a photoshoot here’s some tips on how not to stress

  1. Plan it out. As in schedule a day where every person can make it. Down to location, ride sharing, outfits and food.
  2. Get a photographer. Someone not in costume to take photos and direct people through the shoot.
  3. Think of poses, ships, props ahead of time so you can jump right start on time.
  4. Charge batteries for the camera and pack chargers for the phones.

Follow those steps and you’re sure to have a successful shoot!


During our next big holiday event WSGS will release more and more of our shoot on instagram so get ready lots of memes throughout the month of December.


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