First impressions: Death Parade

I, Star, want to take this moment to appreciate this anime.

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I am incredibly late to the game on this one. Being that I just recently watched it when it came out on Hulu so long ago.

It had me at high stake gambling but it sold me by it’s storytelling. From the first episode I was intrigued and confused but I became addicted to being the judge and jury of the characters in the show. It caused me to think deeply about where my own morals stood and if I would deserve the ultimate end or a second chance that the world of Death Parade offered.

Image result for death parade ep 1

The first episode begins with a newlywed couple where the viewer is just as clueless as the characters. And when it ends, you are confused to the “why” but intrigued by the “what”. And when the next episode begins the puppet masters break down the smoke and mirrors to reveal a story based on the goodness of people. Maybe I’m being a little poetic but this series caught me off guard.

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By the end of the series I was crying right along with the characters as they learn what it truly means to be human. And the greatest reveal of the whole series was right in front of us. EVERY EPISODE.

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I give this one a 6 out of 7 dragonballs

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