Rose City Comic Con 2018

Hey it’s Star!

It’s been awhile since we attended a convention instead of staffing but I feel like it did everyone some good. Being able to branch out and do other cosplays fired us up for more group projects.

RCCC was a fun vacation con and we ended up spending money on our Ita bags gawking over artwork. So many hours were spent on our feet laughing and talking as we emptied our wallets on discounts and buy one get one deals. For the first time we were able to get some really good photos in some really good lighting.

We definitely got to cater to all parts of our nerdiness. From doctor who to my hero academia, the two worlds of nerds combined at RCCC. With a huge display of all these dragonball and our favorite voices from FFXV with panels of Felicia Day and David Tennant we felt right at home. There also was significantly less drama and maybe that was due to the lack of staffing and half the usual crew but it was rather enjoyable none the less.

We definitely will go again.


Casual cosplays are nice, but it’s getting to that time to get serious again.


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