Life is hard for an Otaku: In the workplace

Hey everyone, we’re going to start a series of posts called “Life is hard for an Otaku” which is just testimonials and advice on how we navigate a weeby life through today’s society.

Being a weeb is like being part of a club that is all around the world. It’s something to have in common with strangers in the weirdest places. Being able to relate to someone is such a wholesome feeling, so of course weebs like it too. Unless it blindsides you. At work…

Some jobs allow you to dress however you want and decorate your space as you seem fit. So it’s easy to bring a gudetama mug to work or wear anime tees while maintaining the storefront. But can take a while to get comfortable to do. The more you open up to your coworkers and hear about their secret obsessions the easier it is to share yours.

And being a weeb is definitely an obsession.

Testing the waters is the hardest part. You let them in slowly, maybe show them the naruto keychain on your keys, or the subtle kiki’s delivery service pencil case. When their eyes show that glimmer of excitement reminiscing the moment Kiki takes flight for the first time.

U kno, they a weeb.

Sometimes bringing up an OVA or a show you watch simulcast on crunchyroll can be too direct. A stand alone movie or popular show on netflix might be a better option. Don’t reveal the figurine collection yet.

Start mainstream

Maybe if you’re lucky you can make a weeb out of them!




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