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Hey there! I’m going to try to keep this updated with all the new releases that happen on Netflix! If I can keep up I might do this for other streaming services too! This will be a comprehensive list and the Newest releases will be at the top of the list under this paragraph! If you’d like to see the comprehensive list of TV shows and movies (including anime) releasing on Netflix click the headers! But for all you weebs, I’ve done the work for ya 😉

~Star, YCK


  • Heaven’s Official Blessing (Season 1)
  • High Rise Invasion (Season 1)
  • Yasuke (Season 1)
  • Eden (Season 1)
  • Beastars (Season 2)
  • Way of the Househusband (Season 1)
  • B the beginning


Boys to Men- Fruits Basket edition

Decided to do a special version of our best boy posts by focusing on character development within the male species in one anime. So we chose Furuba. Kyo So Kyo was classic character development to me. He started cold and stubborn then grew to be considerate and inclusive. His cursed situation was unique and caused … More Boys to Men- Fruits Basket edition

Happy children’s day!

So to keep it simple, the anime listed here mainly cover a cast of preteens from various genres but each story carries the spirit of youth transforming into a bright future. For those of you who have been watching anime for a while, some of these will be familiar to you. Without giving too much … More Happy children’s day!


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