Omedetou Grads~ Our favorite Magical Academys in Anime

Hey! In the honor of daylight savings time (which happens in America where we turn the clocks back or forward to even out our hours in the day), we’ll be talking about schools this time! Except only of the magical variety. Spanning from parodies, to popular, batshit to beautiful we’ll have a little something for everyone here. Let’s get to it! Here’s some of our favorite academys of the magical variety.

Shattered Angels

If you’ve seen a lot of anime in this genre you may find this one really annoying or very funny. It’s made to be a parody of all magical academy anime. Honestly, the plot is so convoluted I can’t really begin to explain the premise.


A classic among harem anime and I can promise you it’s degenerate. But, it is a classic and it’d be weird not to mention it here. It’s about a young man who is a teacher at a magical academy and accidentally gets transformed into a young boy due to a spell gone wrong.

The Magi series

Although this series doesn’t have an ending in anime form it’s still a wild and fun ride. It’s about a powerful magician who is meant to sway a war and save a world. There’s characters from the classic story Arabian Nights and fairytale monsters. (Aladdin, Jafar, Sindbad, Alibaba, and the legendary Djinns.)

My Hero Academia

This is very quickly became this generation’s magical academy anime. If you grew up on disney channel movies, it’s like “Sky High” but in anime form. Except the main character isn’t born with abilities and gains them by eating a hair of another hero.

Blue Exorcist

Although this anime didn’t truly end, the characters have depth and the plot is good. In this one, we follow the lives of two teenage twin boys with a lineage to satan. They eventually find themselves at an academy where they can hone their abilities and meet other peers with magical backgrounds.

Jujutsu Kaisen

Another parody series of a sub-genre of shonen academy anime. It’s a real treat for Otakus that have been watching shonen forever. There’s elements of Naruto and Bleach sprinkled all over the series so it’s honestly a treat. Due to the death of a grandpa our protaganist ends up eating a finger of a very powerful demon and ends up proving his worth at an academy for exorcists.

I hope you enjoied this llittle blog! I know we have definitely recommended some of these titles and I’m sure there will be more in the furture!




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