5 Anime I Watched Before I Knew What Anime Was

Hello and welcome back to Otaku Thursday! First of all, sorry for this extremely late post. I know I aim for an early-night post, not a late-night post, but we get what we get. I was actually at a bit of a loss for what to write about today but then–then it hit me. I remember a time when I was young and dumb–okay not actually dumb–but certainly young. And I had no idea what anime was. To me, everything was a cartoon. So naturally, I was watching anime before I even knew what it was. All of my favorite shows ended up being anime in the future (well, aside from Spongebob and Fairly Odd Parents). But here are five anime I watched before I even knew what anime was.

5 ) Pokemon

ash and pikachu

Duh. Of course one of them was Pokemon. Who didn’t watch Pokemon not knowing what anime was? It was a cartoon network classic.

4 ) Digimon

Digimon season 1
Digimon Adventure

Another one was DIGIMON. Yes, I literally had no idea this show was anime and let me tell you–it was like my FAVORITE show. I would wake up early to watch it before I had to go to school.

3 ) Sonic X

Sonic X

There’s a theme here in the fact that these all had to do with like cute animal-like things that actually made for an anime. Again, it never occurred to me, even after I knew what anime was, that Sonic X was actually an anime. But yup. Sega. It is 100% an anime.

2 ) Cardcaptors

a disgrace
Cardcaptor Sakura english version
Syaoran and Sakura

–Or it’s actual fucking name, Cardcaptor Sakura. I thought it was really cute. I loved the fits, the monsters. The brother and his boyfriend that Toonami heavily censored to make them look just like friends. I was so heartbroken that the show seemed to stop abruptly and then when I found anime/manga, I refound this and saw the light and how badly the english version fucked up the story. Literal classic now.

1 ) Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z 
Toonami classic

Yo–my brother and I use to watch this all the time. I had NO idea that it was anime. But he and I really adored it and once we did find out what anime/manga was, we would go out of our way to purchase shonen jump to read up on it. It was insane.

Well, there you have it! Those are five anime I watched before I even knew what anime was. Other honorable mentions to my little naive brain are hits like Sailor Moon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Marchen Awakens Romance, One Piece, Spider Riders, Beyblade and more! Honestly when I was little I just really liked the art styles of these shows. I was an idiot. A little idiot. I even rented Yu Yu Hakusho from the DVD store not knowing it was anime but loving the art style. But when I discovered that it all fell under the umbrella of manga/anime–everything made sense, fell into place, and now we’re here.

Did any of you have any shows that are anime that you were watching before you knew what anime was? Let me know so I don’t feel so alone in this struggle.

Stay weebtastic,




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