I’m back with Part 2 of- Star’s experience in Shonen: Demon Slayer Season 2

I’m back y’all. So for those of you that missed it I’ve, Star, been in this experience for quite sometime. So much like many viewers and unlike Luna I didn’t read the manga, which by the way you can read Luna’s thoughts on the manga here. But the catch is that I’m not new to anime, I’ve watched a LOT of shonen and I have feelings about this anime. Mainly because most viewers don’t understand the real gems of this anime which frustrates me. But anyways, onward to my experience!

Ah, here we are. Back for yet another season. With this kind of popularity, I don’t expect this anime to simply lose funding. I do find the arcs of the anime to be interesting. With multi-part episodes I see why we end up with so many movie adaptions. Since I am in no real rush to watch the episodes I just wait patiently to binge all at once. So forgive me if I miss something I’ve seen many anime since.

The entertainment district arc, had our four protags coming together to investigate a lead on Micheal Jackson. The boys ended up dressing as girls to become concubines with the help of the sound pillar with a ninja background who just happens to have 3 wives. Anyways, the blonde goes missing and the other two decide to go searching for him only to get wrapped up in a fabric demon’s sashes until Nezuko wakes up and beats the crap out of her. Then the fabric demon splits into two and we meet her brother who has some serious issues. The story ends with them setting fire and destroying a whole part of the city but still alive.

So, about all the things people missed. The boys dressed as girls were actually trying their bests to become a Geisha in training called a Maiko. As a Maiko, your main duties are to observe senior Geisha and assist them whenever they need it. Geisha weren’t always concubines or prostitutes, mind you. They often were “entertainers” from dancing to serving they were excellent hosts. Now do you get the name, Entertainment District? It was where the entertainers are. Often the most popular Geisha of a house would walk the streets to show off her beauty like a red carpet event but in the streets.

To my next point, the sound pillar’s background. He is legitamately a shinobi. I’m talking, most powerful in his clan and will rule it someday strong. Not just any old ninja. He was considered a master of his craft. Now, before I get too political, many Daimyos, leaders, in Japan’s history were known to have many wives and concubines. They were often, daughters of respectable families, who were truly intelligent and talented women who had the means and privilege to learn and master a craft or many crafts. In this case, his wives were very talented ninja. Not just anyone could marry in. But at the end of the day there’s a backstory that led for these 4 to become the family that they are in order to build what was lost.

The fabric demon’s design is actually from a famous Yokai that strangles and suffocates people using its body that is cloth. So seeing a version of this is actually really cool! I found her design to be gorgeous and creative. I was the most shook from the backstory of the siblings and how they sacrificed so much for each other. Which really shed light on poverty in Japan at that time. Let’s not forget rape culture and brutality is everywhere. Also that the fire and destruction itself imitates an actual fire that happened aruond that time in Asakusa.

That’s all for now! I’ll be back for the next movie.




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