Chainsaw man Review- Season 1

Where do I start… This anime is one of those where it seems bat shit crazy but actually has a pretty intense plot. The longer you watch the less confused you are. But also, the more gruesome and disturbing it gets. Life is an interesting concept in this world and when it’s mixed with supernatural elements it’s hard to know when death is final. Anywho, onwards to the rest of the review.

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So the main character is a poor kid who befriends a dog demon with a chainsaw coming out of its head. So naturally, the chainsaw dog decides to give up his heart to the kid (who is now a young adult) when he faces death. Now with a demon’s heart he becomes inhuman with the ability to transform his arms, legs and head into chainsaws. By some accidental meeting he gets adopted into a band of like individuals who have all made some sort of arrangement with a demon.

The rest of the characters are interested in their own rights. All doing this line of work for various reasons and not all because they are good people. They all are actually very manipulative towards one another. They all take turns exploiting each other for their selfish desires. I suppose that is one of the themes in Chainsaw man. Greed, power, revenge, love, hate and the fine line between naivete and deflection.

Art wise, a LOT of people had problems with the style because it was considered to be a disgrace compared to the manga. But since I don’t know the manga I found it to be fine. The action was good, and I enjoyed the artistic freedom of the endings as well as the references to other American cult films in the opening.

As for the music, as eclectic and stylistic as the endings were each song was just as different in terms of genre and composition compared to the static opening theme. I personally enjoyed the almost, tributes to the characters. I found them really interesting.

With that being said I actually enjoyed Chainsaw man. It was fun to watch for a seinen fan. For those that don’t like death, I advise you stay away. I look forward to season 2.




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