How to measure and size – Fitting for beginners

I woke up to a text from a friend asking if I could explain how to take measurements. So I thought, why not make some tutorials. For those of you that would like to know how I measure, here’s some brief and crude vids that show you how to do some basic measurements. When I mean crude I mean CRUDE, OKAY. I spent ZERO time editing these. They are short and to the point. No fluffy editing stuff here. Anyways there’s your valid warning of my tutorials before coffee! (I literally woke up and started filming. It was somewhat of a fitting emergency haha.)


The common question about waist measurements is where and what is considered to be your waist. It’s essentially lower than your rib cage and higher than you belly button. It is also the thinnest part of your torso.


Find your hip bones! They are below your belly botton. This measurement is usually used to determine pant size.


This one can be a tad awkward being that it’s the inside of your pants from your crotch seam down your leg.


Hat sizes are a lot like ring sizes. There are set sizes and the best way to know is to measure your head where you would like the hat to sit.


Coat sizes is best done by trying on blazers and other coats. So the sizes are generally XS, S, M (R), L, XL, XXL and so on. But it should fit you snug on your shoulders and it should end around your hips (if it’s a blazer or suit jacket). Please ignore my boobs.

Let me know if you liked or hated my crude tutorials! (Or if you’d like more of these great tutorials before coffee LOL.)




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