Star’s experience of Idol anime- Shine Post

Honestly, it’s one of my, Star, favorite anime of 2022. I cried so many times. Maybe that’s because I have a soft spot for idol anime and always have. My history goes back to a time before they were called idols they were just vocalists in a group. Shows like that were really inspirational, especially to musicians or music lovers. I’ve started to feel the genre (like most) are over-saturated with mediocre characters and shows that lose funding never to come to completion, so it was rare to find a show that truly felt authentic. So Shine Post however, did a pretty good job.

At first, I didn’t have much faith, since I figured it’d be like all the rest but the longer I watched the deeper I got into the background of the characters. They covered really complex feelings surrounding teamwork and self-esteem. The real emotion of believing in oneself and working to become a person they want to idolize. The group became the symbol for never giving up and always dreaming. Even their rivals had good motivation and purpose. It always does a really good job at explaining what each role in a group is and what each member brings to the group.

On a more technical note, the art was so pretty and the CG was weaved in really well with the performances. They chose to animate the characters’ movements purposely showing how each character’s skill level was different and how they improved over time. The voice acting surprised me! They sang well and their emotions were raw and pure. The songs were cute but felt distinctly different than one another.

I was moved by their determination, vulnerability, and spirit. It was a feel-good story that kept me engaged till the very end. I binged it in a night and I have no regrets. 10 out of 10 would watch again! Also, the story is open-ended but in the case there is no second season, I’m not upset. The plot ends with a solid conclusion that could open up to the next chapter in their careers but we don’t have to see it.




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