First Impressions- Kawaii dake ja Nai Shikimori-san (Shikimori’s not just a cutie)

Ahhhhhhhh, I, Star, have been waiting to do the first impression of Shikimori’s not just a cutie. I’m going to admit this is a weird title. There’s a lot of weird underlying things the title could be insinuating and I can happily tell you it’s not what you think. Not completely.

So I can say that I finally feel represented in not Shoujo. But are you ready because I wasn’t it’s a Shonen! IT’S SHONEN and here’s why! And yes, it’s an romance.

The synopis is simple. A girl and a boy have been dating in high school and they hangout with their friends. But there’s a catch, the boy has incredibly bad luck and the girl protects him as much as she can. On the the surface it seems pretty cliche but in reality she is one of the most handsome girls at school. She, my good people, is a femboy and so…is…HE. Together they are the ultimate femboy couple. He has a rather shy but cute natural and she although cute is very princely in her actions since he seems to be the damsel in destress. It’s fun to see the roles switched in an episodic nature like a slice-of-life romcom anime.

Music wise, the opening and ending cute and reflect the anime pretty well. I do throuoghly enjoy the opening cellphone and the ending videogame asethetic. The songs are both cute and lively like the series.

One thing is certain, they truly love each other and it’s very cute to see the looks they share.




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