On the Second Day of Weebsmas: Best Christmas Cosplayers

“On the second day of Weebsmas, Luna and Star gave to you — some Christmas Cosplayers we think are really cool!” No, but seriously, welcome back to 12 Days of Weebsmas! My favorite series of blogs for the whole year. Today I’m coming at you with something I personally enjoy looking at during the Christmas season: cosplays. Most importantly, good Christmas Cosplays.

12 Days of Weebsmas

Now, you may ask–what makes a good Christmas Cosplay? While to each their own, I personally think that the best Christmas cosplay is where you take a character’s outfit and literally alter it to incorporate Christmas patterns and motifs. It’s not just taking a character and putting them in a Santa suit to me. No, it’s all about the artistry of making their pre-existing clothes into something holiday-themed. So today, I’m going to share with you a few cosplayers who I’ve come across who really embody that in a great way.


Excellent cosplays overall, but I was really impressed with her Christmas Belle dress. The red and the gold is beautiful and fits the period Beauty & the Beast takes place in. The red poinsettia like flowers are the icing on the cake.


Their Christmas Sora from Kingdom Hearts is great. Love the fit — super accurate. And love the energy they bring in their photosets.


In particular, their Christmas stormtroopers are top tier. Like honestly such a good and simple Christmas cosplay that still really works.


She has a lot of nice cosplays–and a lot of good Christmas cosplays. However, the cosplay that I enjoy the most from her is the Christmas Chomp–like immaculately designed. It’s hella good. From the Santa hats to the string lights.


Their Christmas Catra is EVERYTHING. I know there aren’t full-body photos, but even just that latest headshot of Catra with that candy cane headpiece is gorgeous.


One of my all-time favorite cosplayers, her Christmas cosplays are on point. She is actually the cosplayer who inspired this post. Her Nier Automata, 2B Christmas costume is just amazing. She took 2B’s outfit and made it exactly as it is, just with Christmas designs–red, green, snowflakes, and candy cane designs. Truly inspiring.


While leonchiro is an all-around amazing cosplayer, the king of cosplayer that he is, he doesn’t have a ton of Christmas cosplays. However, some of his highlights are All Might Santa Claus–an excellent choice for a Santa, and the best one: Santa Ban. That’s where Christmas combined with character oufit is perfect. So good.

Anyway, those have been some of my favorite Christmas cosplayers who combine the spirit of the holidays with some of our favorite videogame, anime, and cartoon characters! Anyone have any other Christmas cosplayers they love to look at to celebrate Weebsmas? Let me know! Otherwise, look forward to day three of 12 Days of Weebsmas!

Stay weebtastic,




3 thoughts on “On the Second Day of Weebsmas: Best Christmas Cosplayers

  1. Your post was really good, and I liked that it was a easy read even for someone that doesn’t know a whole lot about cosplay like me, but I kind of wanted to see some pictures of the cosplayers. Just so I could see exactly why you liked them so much. I mean, it’s your blog, and I can totally understand if bogging your site down with a bunch of images isn’t your style. I was just giving a very gentle suggestion.

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    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I was actually going to do photos of the cosplayers but I was writing it on my phone so the images weren’t sitting right. But I can def add some photos from my comp now 🙂 thanks for the suggestion!

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