On the First day of Weebsmas: Wishes to Father Weebsmas

This year we decided to write wishes to our Father Weebsmas in hopes we made the nice list. 

Deat Father Weebsmas,

We wish…

To see a Kobedon IRL (preferably one of our friends for research purposes).

To see the last episode of The night beyond the Tri-corned Window. 

For the Dakaichi movie to be subbed. 

For the Given special to be subbed. 

For an actual Gay relationship in Aquatope.

For a broken phone to finally let go of the missing episode of Dreaming of Content.

Second season of Blue Period and Irina to be announced. 

And I think that’s it for now. Thank you Father Weebsmas!

AishteLOVEru and Stay Weebtastic~




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